How Do I Set Up My Dewalt Bluetooth?

What is Dewalt Bluetooth?


To make it easier to manage the mountain of tools you’ll usually find on a construction site, and to help deter theft, Dewalt is introducing a new line of Bluetooth rechargeable batteries that can be connected to a smartphone app for checking their charge status—or remotely disabling them..

Which Dewalt radio is the best?

DEWALT ToughSystem RadioThe DEWALT ToughSystem Radio and Battery Charger is our top pick because it has an excellent combination of features. The ToughSystem has high-quality sound thanks to four tweeters, a subwoofer, and an assisted base resonator. It can play music loud without distorting it.

Does the Dewalt radio have Bluetooth?

Streaming music to your worksite radio just got easier. The DCR002 DEWALT® Bluetooth Radio Adaptor uses a wireless device to stream music from up to 100 feet away.

How does Dewalt tool Connect work?

Tool Connect ™ is a three-part inventory management solution designed to help you save time and money. Connect, track, and customize your tools across multiple jobsites. Data from the mobile app automatically updates in your Inventory Manager portal at the office or tool crib to give you real-time information.

How do I register my Dewalt tools?

Register online at DEWALT will maintain the tool and replace worn parts caused by normal use, for free, any time during the first year after purchase.

Does the Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker charge batteries?

No, the speaker is not a charger.

How long does Dewalt radio last on battery?

The radio was loud, sounded good and charged our batteries with no issues. You could easily get all day operation from this radio with a 3.0 or 4.0 Ah 20V battery. Even the runtime from a 12V battery was impressive at over 4+ hours. If you have a 12v or 20v tool already the DCR015 is a no brainer.

How much is a Dewalt radio?

Compare with similar itemsThis item DEWALT 20V MAX/18V/12V Jobsite Radio, Compact (DCR018),Yellow & Black,10.10in. x 10.00in. x 7.30in.PriceFrom $196.10Sold ByAvailable from these sellersBattery Cell CompositionLithium IonVoltage0 volts3 more rows

How many watts is a Dewalt radio?

20 Watts per channel woofers, tweeters, and air ports provide full, rich, and clear sound.

Does Dewalt dcr015 have Bluetooth?

Can I use my DCR002 BlueTooth Adaptor in my car or home stereo device? The DCR002 can be plugged into your vehicle Aux in port as well as your home electronics Aux in port to wirelessly stream music.

How do I connect my Bluetooth to my DeWalt dcr025?

Place the radio/charger and the Bluetooth® audio source. within 3.3′ (1 m) of each other.Turn radio/charger on by pressing the power button.Press the Bluetooth® button. … If another device is to be paired, press the Bluetooth. … Confirm pairing on your device. ( … Once pairing is successful the Bluetooth® indicator/

How do you read a Dewalt serial number?

the serial number can be found on the opposite side of the dewalt logo. See the black sticker that reads type 1 ser——you will need a magnifier to read it.