Is The Flash The Best CW Show?

Who is the most powerful person in the Arrowverse?

SUPERGIRL Kara1 SUPERGIRL Kara is by far the most powerful main character in the Arrowverse.

Her strength comes from the sun, much like her cousin Clark, however, she is even stronger than the man of steel..

Is the flash worth watching?

In case you didn’t pick up on it, yes, it is worth watching. I mean, it has it all – action, adventure, romance, heartbreak, a funny nerd, a cute doctor, an annoying coworker, an adoptive father, and everything in between. The Flash is fun, suspenseful, gritty, sad, deep, and plot-driven.

Which show is better Flash or Supergirl?

Action – Flash is more of action oriented than Supergirl. Direction – The way of direction in flash is way better than Supergirl. Romance – Both TV series lags in this area but flash lags less than Supergirl. Knowledge – Flash is more of a fan favorite character than Supergirl from the way past.

Is Supergirl good or bad?

So yeah, i think its good. Season 1 was a little slow like most pilot seasons, but it still has the best scene ever on the show and some others great ones. Season 2, had the best first half, but kinda gets annoying later becasue of the villain and their relationship to one of the new Characters.

Is Supergirl worth watching?

Yes it’s worth the watch. Definitely worth it. Some episodes here and there might be questionable but overall it’s damn enjoyable. I’m a big fan of the season 2 finale.

Should I watch the flash or Supergirl first?

There is one more Flash/Supergirl crossover though. Episode 3×17 of the Flash has characters from Supergirl in it. I would suggest watching all of Supergirl season 2 first, since the crossover is only on the Flash, and then watching the rest of Flash.

What is the best DC CW show?

DC Comics: Top 10 Live-Action Shows, Ranked (According To IMDb)3 Preacher (2016-2019): 8.0.4 Doom Patrol (2019- ): 8.0. … 5 Pennyworth (2019- ): 8.0. … 6 iZombie (2015-2019): 7.9. … 7 Gotham (2014-2019): 7.8. … 8 Titans (2018- ): 7.8. … 9 The Flash (2014- ): 7.7. … 10 Arrow (2012-2020): 7.6. The beloved CW show Arrow gets some high rankings, but sadly doesn’t win the top prize. … More items…•

Is the CW flash ending?

The CW aired The Flash Season 6 finale on Tuesday, May 12, after the show had to finish early due to a production shutdown. Season 6, Episode 19, titled “Success is Assured,” may not have been the finale the show was planning, but it did leave fans with some big cliffhangers for the next season.

What is the most successful TV show ever?

TV shows that are the most successful worldwideGame of Thrones. Game of Thrones is and will stay, without a doubt, THE tv series of the last decade. … Breaking Bad. In 2014, the tv phenomenon led by Bryan Cranston was the most binge-watched show according to Time Magazine. … Stranger Things. … Friends. … The Walking Dead. … The Big Bang Theory.

Is Supergirl stronger than Superman?

While often cast as Kal-El’s less experienced cousin, Kara Zor-El has become a very powerful hero in her own right. … In fact, several stories in the comics and television series show that Kara may actually be stronger than Superman!

Why is Flash so bad?

Flash is terrible for mobile devices because it drains battery and eats memory, and of course because of the many bugs. Because of this, Steve Jobs announced his mobile products would not support Flash.

What is better the flash or arrow?

They’re goofier shows in many ways, but The Flash even does the serious stuff better. The Flash in particular is so much better than Arrow that the two shows are hardly even in the same ballpark anymore. … It starts to feel more like Arrow, and not in a good way.

Which is the best season of the flash?

There is no better season at the series than the one and only, season 1 of the fastest Man Alive, the Flash. There is no better season at the series than the one and only, season 1 of the fastest Man Alive, the Flash.

Who is better green arrow or Hawkeye?

While Hawkeye may be the better combatant, Green Arrow is definitely the better archer. In terms of accuracy, the two of them are actually evenly matched. … Hawkeye’s number is moreso around 30. While Hawkeye is still deadly with a bow and arrow, he is just slightly slower than Green Arrow.

Who is the smartest person in the Arrowverse?

10 Smartest Characters In The Arrowverse1 BRAINIAC 5. Being an AI from the future gives Brainy a jump on the competition.2 CISCO RAMON. Considering all the tech he has come up with over the years, Cisco Ramon just might be the smartest person in the Arrowverse. … 3 FELICITY SMOAK. … 4 RAY PALMER. … 5 WINN SCHOTT. … 6 CURTIS HOLT. … 7 LENA LUTHOR. … 8 MARTIN STEIN. … More items…•