Question: Is Wolcen Worth Getting?

How much does Wolcen cost?

Store PricesCurrencyCurrent PriceConverted PriceU.S.

Dollar$39.99$39.99British Pound£30.99+6.09%Euro34,99€+6.37%Australian DollarA$ 56.95+10.07%37 more rows.

Is Wolcen open world?

No open world :: Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem General Discussions.

How many levels are in Wolcen?

threeWolcen has three “Chapters”, and a lengthy endgame after the story concludes. There are three total chapters in the game, followed up by a post-campaign endgame that will easily take longer to “complete” than the main story.

How many acts is Wolcen?

three ActsWolcen has three Acts as of the official launch. As of the full official launch, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has three Acts in its campaign.

Is Wolcen good now?

If you are looking to play an ARPG very casually, the campaign is actually very good, and very enjoyable. If you like to play ARPGs for the lategame (as most do), you are not likely to enjoy this game right now. … I enjoyed it for about 40-50 hours during the main campaign and for a limited time during “end game”.

Is Wolcen fixed?

Luckily, developer Wolcen Studio has spent several months getting Wolcen fixed up, and now it’s at the point where it can begin focusing on releasing new content for the APRG, which is not too far off.

What is the level cap in Wolcen?

90The options aren’t endless, but the build diversity is massive, given that each level (with a cap of 90) gives you a point to spend on a passive buff.

Does Wolcen have PvP?

The endgame is shaped to allow a progressive increase in the difficulty. We’re committed to make Wolcen a long-term game with regular updates and additions, including features, Acts, gameplay content, Quality of Life, PvP, Housing, and seasonal events.