Quick Answer: Is Intel HD Graphics 630 Good For Video Editing?

Is a good graphics card important for video editing?


A powerful video editing PC is build around a powerful CPU.

Having a graphics card is also very helpful, but it is not necessary to get a powerhouse of a GPU.

Make sure not to skimp on RAM, either, but 8 to 16 GB should be plenty for most projects..

Can Intel HD Graphics 630 run games?

What kind or types of games are playable with an Intel® UHD Graphics 630 processor? … All games. Performance will not be great—about half as fast as a GT 1030—but at low detail in 720p, almost any game should manage at least 30 fps.

Is 8gb of RAM enough for video editing?

8GB RAM: This should only be for projects smaller than 1080p and if you are fine with closing down background programs. 16GB RAM: Will work for projects that are 1080p-4k 8bit. … 32GB RAM: This can carry a heavy load for video editing while still using background projects.

Does Intel HD Graphics 630 support 4k?

The UHD Graphics series launched by intel alongside with coffee-lake U series (notebook processor chips) is nothing but slower platform of UHD 630 which comes along the main coffee-lake Desktop chips. And for the 4k playback, yes, these chips can play 4k UHD videos and can also stream the same.

Is Intel uhd Graphics 630 good for video editing?

UHD 630 is bad when compared with the dedicated graphics card. But for a integrated GPU, it is actually very good. This is gaming wise, however, I do not have experience with video editing, I do not do that. 20-25FPS with lowest settings is hardly very good in this day and age.

Is Intel HD graphics good for video editing?

If you are talking about Intel HD Graphics Family , then “Yes”! You can use many proffesional softwares for editing and VFX like NCH VideoPad, Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premium, Adobe AfterEffects and many more. AfterEffects can hang sonetimes. Otherwise it’s just great.