What Was The Purpose Of Great Aunt Birte Funeral?

Why was Peter helping the Rosens?

Peter brings the Johansens news, and works with them in the Resistance efforts.

For example, he helps them get the Rosens to safety.

Being a member of the Resistance is very dangerous, even though Denmark is working secretly against the Nazi occupation.

Peter is brave and effective..

What did Annemarie see when she looked out the window?

What did Annemarie see as she looked out the window? Mama lying on the path. The Rosens returning. … He told her Peter said not to tell her anything, because AnneMarie was known to lie all the time.

Why must Mr Johansen stay at home when the rest of his family goes to Henrik’s?

Why must Mr. Johansen stay at home when the rest of his family goes to Henrik’s? To keep the soldiers from beiing suspicious at their absence.

Who is great aunt Birte?

The faked death of an invented person named Great-aunt Birte causes a new issue to surface for Annemarie. She knows that her uncle and her mother are not telling her the truth, but she has no idea why. This is particularly upsetting to her because it is inconsistent with her movement into the adult world.

Who died in Chapter 8 in number the stars?

Uncle Henrik says that he will be sleeping on the boat tonight, and that he will be leaving early in the morning. Then Henrik announces that great-aunt Birte, a very old woman, has died. She will rest in Henrik’s living room, he says, until her funeral is held the next day.

What surprise does Ellen receive during great aunt Birte’s funeral?

What is the surprise Ellen receives during the funeral of Great-aunt Birte? Her parents are there. What is the meaning of the Psalm read at the funeral? It is a metaphor for God’s promise to protect the Jews.

What happened to Mrs Johansen on her way back from Uncle Henrik’s boat?

What happen to Mrs. Johansen on her way back from Uncle Henrik’s boat? She fell and sprained her ankle.

Why did they travel to Uncle Henrik’s house?

Mrs. Johansen, her daughters, and Ellen Rosen travel by train to Uncle Henrik’s house in the country in an effort to conceal Ellen from the Nazis in ‘Number the Stars’ by Lois Lowry. The group encounters Nazis on the train, but the soldiers do not realize that Ellen is Jewish.

What does Mama tell Annemarie to do if she is stopped?

Explain why Mama tells Annemarie to act a certain way if she is stopped. Mama tells Annemarie to act like a silly, empty-headed little girl taking lunch to a fisherman, a foolish uncle who forgot his bread and cheese.

What was the purpose of great aunt Birte’s funeral?

The purpose of Aunt Birte’s funeral was to give the Jewish people a reason to be at the house together, hide the supplies, and pass out the supplies.

What did mama say the reason was that Great Aunt Birte died?

The soldier asks why the casket is closed, and Mama explains Great-Aunt Birte died of typhus and the doctors have warned them that the corpse could still be contagious.

Why did they want to see in the casket How did Mama stop them?

The “death” in the family is an excuse for people to be gathered. Mama says the casket is closed because Birte died of typhus germs, pretty much guaranteeing no one will open it to check their story. It works. The Nazi who questions them refuses to let her open the casket.

What did Annemarie realize about Ellen after Peter’s visit?

What did Annemarie realize about her friend Ellen after Peter’s visit? After Peter’s visit, Annemarie realized that her friend Ellen and her family are in trouble, because they are Jewish and the Germans have begun to torment the Jews. … Hirsch’s shop was closed by the Germans because her family was Jewish.

Who died in Number the Stars?

Peter NielsenPeter Nielsen has died. He was shot in a public square for his involvement in the Resistance. Annemarie’s parents tell her that Lise was a member of the Resistance, too, and that she did not die in an accident, but was killed by the Germans.