What Were Second Generation Computers Used For?

Who is the father of first generation computer?

Charles BabbageThen in 1822, the father of computers, Charles Babbage began developing what would be the first mechanical computer.

And then it 1833 he actually designed an Analytical Engine which was a general purpose computer.

It contained an ALU, some basic flow chart principles and the concept of integrated memory..

Who invented the second generation computer?

Second Generation (1960–1964) As commercial interest in computer technology intensified during the late 1950s and 1960s, the second generation of computer technology was introduced—based not on vacuum tubes but on transistors . John Bardeen (1908–1991), William B. Shockley (1910–1989), and Walter H.

What are the 6 generations of computer?

How many generations of computers are there?First generation (1940 – 1956)Second generation (1956 – 1963)Third generation (1964 – 1971)Fourth generation (1972 – 2010)Fifth generation (2010 to present)

How much did a computer cost in 1970?

An IBM mainframe computer in 1970 (pictured above) cost $4.6 million and ran at a speed of 12.5 MHz (12.5 million instructions per second), which is a cost of $368,000 per MHz.

What brand of computer is the best?

Best PC: Dell XPS Tower. … Best all-in-one PC: iMac (27-inch, 2020) … Best gaming PC: Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10. … Best affordable gaming PC: Dell G5 Gaming Desktop. … Best mini PC: Intel Ghost Canyon NUC. … Best high-end gaming PC: HP Omen Desktop PC. … Best Mac: Apple Mac mini (2020) … Best stick PC: Intel Compute Stick.More items…•

Did they have computers in 1969?

Switched on in late October 1969, the ARPAnet is the first large-scale, general-purpose computer network to connect different kinds of computers together. But others come online within weeks or months.

What are characteristics of second generation computer?

The main features of second generation are; use of transistors, reliable in comparison to first generation computers, smaller size as compared to first generation computers, generated less heat as compared to first generation computers etc.

What is the main component of the second generation computer?

These second generation computers were also of solid state design, and contained transistors instead of vacuum tubes. They contained all the components we associate with the modern day computer – printers, tape storage, disk storage, memory, operating systems, and stored programs, as well.

What was the second computer ever made?

ENIAC computing systemStarted in 1943, the ENIAC computing system was built by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering of the University of Pennsylvania. Because of its electronic, as opposed to electromechanical, technology, it is over 1,000 times faster than any previous computer.

What was the first computer called?

ENIACENIAC (/ˈɛniæk/; Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was the first programmable, electronic, general-purpose digital computer. It was Turing-complete, and able to solve “a large class of numerical problems” through reprogramming.

Who built the first PC?

John BlankenbakerKenbak-1. The Kenbak-1, released in early 1971, is considered by the Computer History Museum to be the world’s first personal computer. It was designed and invented by John Blankenbaker of Kenbak Corporation in 1970, and was first sold in early 1971.

What is the difference between first and second generation of computer?

1. in First Generation, Vacuum tubes were used as internal components. in Second Generation Transistors were used as internal component. … in SG The sizes of computer were smaller than first generation & were called as mini computer.

What was the cost of the first computer?

In 1976, Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold their first pre-assembled computer, called the Apple-1. It cost them $250 to build and retailed for $666.66.

Which device was used in second generation computer was it a successful venture?

TransistorsWas it a successful venture? Transistors were used in second-generation computers. They were smaller and used less electricity than the vacuum tube, and were cheaper and more reliable. They were successful because large companies bought them as they were faster and more efficient.

What was the major change brought about by the second generation of computing?

Second generation computers used transistors and magnetic core memory to replace vacuum tubes and make computers more reliable. … Silicon chips could incorporate dozens of transistors and replaced the bulkier transistors and magnetic core memories.