When Lightning Knowledge Is Enabled You Can’T Add An Article Type?

How do I enable lightning knowledge?

Enable Lightning KnowledgeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.If you’re new to Knowledge, enable Knowledge by selecting Yes and clicking Enable Salesforce Knowledge.

Click OK to continue.On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.Select Enable Lightning Knowledge.Click Save..

What is Salesforce lightning knowledge?

Lightning Knowledge gives you a high-powered yet streamlined way to manage your knowledge base. With Lightning Knowledge, you get the benefits of standard objects that work like other objects in Salesforce. … Note Enabling Lightning Knowledge changes your org’s data model to use record types rather than article types.

How does a knowledge base improve productivity?

People can share information quickly, avoiding double tasks and minimising communication errors. As it facilitates communication and collaboration, a knowledge base maintains workflows and increases efficiency. Employees work better, deal with less stress, and stay happy!

Which is the best description of a knowledge base?

A knowledge base is a published collection of documentation that typically includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions. Its purpose is to make it easy for people to find solutions to their problems without having to ask for help.

What can you set up using the Lightning knowledge setup flow?

What can you set up using the Lightning Knowledge Setup Flow? Where does the article summary appear? settings, ten in the Quick Find box, enter Knowledge Settings and select Knowledge Settings. to automatically enable Knowledge, assign licenses to article authors, and set up data groups and categories.

When lightning knowledge is enabled you can’t add an article type?

In Lightning Knowledge, Article Types are not available. Instead, you use Record Types on the standard Knowledge__kav object. See Compare Lightning Knowledge with Knowledge in Salesforce Classic. Alter your package to support Lightning Knowledge instead of Classic Knowledge.

How do I enable knowledge articles in Salesforce?

To enable Salesforce Knowledge, from Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Settings. Confirm that you want to enable Salesforce Knowledge and click Enable Knowledge. If your org doesn’t have an article type, a default article type is created.

How do I enable knowledge tab in Salesforce lightning?

Enable and Configure Lightning KnowledgeFrom Service Setup, click the Home tab.Click View All and then search for and select Knowledge Setup.Click Start.Ensure your name is selected as a Lightning Knowledge Author.Click Next, Next, then Finish.

What should you do to ensure that the best articles are suggested as agents solve cases?

What should you do to ensure that the best articles are suggested as agents solve cases? Create descriptive data categories for your cases and article types.